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Chord Construction for Bass Guitar
3 Note Chords - Part 3

Altering basic arpeggio forms
on the neck of the bass

This is the 3rd and last part in a series of lessons on how to construct different 3 note chords. If you have not read the following lessons, they are prerequisites to understanding this lesson.

Be sure to have read these lessons first.

Basic Chord Construction - learn the basic theory behind chord construction and how it is applied to the bass.

Chord Construction - 3 Note Chords - Part 1 - This lesson will give you a basic understanding of how all 3 note chords are constructed, and how to apply that theory to the neck of the bass. This will include major, minor, augmented, diminished, sus2 and sus4 chords.

Chord Construction - 3 Note Chords - Part 2 - This lesson covers how to spell any 3 note chord.

Once you understand the basic concept of what chord formulas are and how to spell different 3 note chords, your next step is to use this information to decode some of the chord forms that you already know. Then you can use your knowledge of music theory to alter them into other chord types. On the bass, chords most often take the form of arpeggios. An arpeggio is just the notes of a chord played individually.

Understanding this lesson is going to be very difficult if you are not familiar with the names of the notes on the neck of the bass. So if this is a weak point for you ....STUDY THEM. Knowing the names of the notes on the neck of the bass is a prerequisite to being able to apply music theory.

Be sure and check out the Arpeggios section for some of the basic arpeggios shapes that will be used in this lesson.

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