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Using chromatic approaches to create bass lines

Once you have a grasp of how to play a simple bass part using the roots of the chords, it is time to expand your palette of sounds.

First we are going to revisit a root only bass line, and then expand on it. The chord progression that we are going to use is from "Knockin' On Heavens Door". It is a Bob Dylan song, but has also been played by Eric Clapton, Guns n' Roses, as well as others.

First play through using just roots and the rhythms that are indicated.




Approaching from a half step below

Now you are going to add a little color to that root bound bass line by approaching each root from a half step below. That means that on the last 8th note before the chord changes, you are going to play a note that is 1 fret below the root of the next chord. This creates a little tension, and a little more interest in your bass line.



Now in real life, if you approach every root from a half step below, it is going to be overkill. So once you have the hang of approaching ever root, try to be a little more selective. Approach only a couple of chords each time through the progression.


The word chromatic means adjacent half steps. A chromatic scale contains only half step intervals going from any note to the same note an octave higher.


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