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Pink Floyd Money Bass Line

This is the classic bass groove from the song "Money" by bassist Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. It is an easy, yet very distinctive and recognizable bass part.

One unique thing about this bass groove, is that it is in an odd time signature. It is in 7/4 time. That means that there are 7 beats in a measure, with the quarter note getting 1 beat.


Here is the the tablature showing the 7 beats.


The underlying chord that is being played by the guitar player is a Bm7 (B minor 7). This entire bass line comes from a Bm7 arpeggio.

Below is a Bm7 Arpeggio. The numbers in red are Bs, the root or the chord.

Bm7 Arpeggio

|-1-|---|-3-|---| -1st string
|-1-|---|---|-4-| -4th string
2nd fret

If you were to play this bass groove using the arpeggio fingering above, it would look like the tablature below. Then you could transpose this groove to any key by just moving it up and down the neck.




Here you are replacing the 4th string 5th fret with the open 2nd string, and the 3rd string 5th fret with the open 2nd string.

Bm7 Arpeggio
using open strings

 ||---|-1-|---|-3-| -1st string
 ||---|-1-|---|---| -4th string
     2nd fret

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