- Tuning the electric bass with harmonics

Tuning the electric bass with harmonics

Once you have learned basic tuning, the next step is to use natural harmonics to help you tune. The advantage of this tuning method is that you will hear both notes ringing at the same time while you are turning the tuning pegs. In reality, you will probably use a combination of both methods to get your guitar in tune.

You will need to have a basic understanding of how to read tablature, and how to play natural harmonics for this lesson.

Tuning the 4th string

This method of tuning assumes that your 4th string is in tune. Here are some MIDI tuning notes that you can use to get your 4th string in tune. Unless you have a specific need for another tuning, use the standard pitch.

4th string
standard pitch

4th string
down a 1/2 step

4th string
down a whole step


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