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Absolute Pitch - Part 2
The Power to Recognize Pitch
by Graham English

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I know you did the visualization and the exercises. Didn't you?

If you didn't, then get to it. Each lesson builds on top of the previous lesson so moving out of order will only hinder your results. If you are one of the few who do, then let's continue on the path to ABSOLUTE PITCH POWER!

Now, take the time to let yourself daydream about something relaxing. Focus on your breath flowing in and out. When you are relaxed and attentive, read on.

The second step to having absolute pitch is to prepare your mind to memorize. In order to maximize your concentration and optimize your condition for learning, we first need to understand a little brain theory.

The upper part of your brain is known as the cerebrum and it's divided into two parts or sides. These are the left and right hemispheres. Your brain is essentially a mixture of electricity and chemistry. There's a continuous flow of electricity across the left and the right hemispheres that varies in frequency throughout the day.

Each hemisphere processes information in a slightly different way. For example, the left-brain is more specialized in serial processing, and analyzing information in a linear way, one piece after the other. This side of the brain is extremely logical. The right brain is more specialized in parallel processing. In other words, taking several bits of information at the same time. The right brain is better suited for processing pictures and emotions. It's highly active during dreaming.

Memorizing pitch requires spatial analysis. Spatial awareness is a right-brain function while analysis is a left-brain function.

If we want absolute pitch, we need to access both sides of the brain for a balanced solution. The reading you're doing now is primarily left-brained. You're logically analyzing the argument for absolute pitch.

We also must access the right brain. When you listen deeply, your brain slows down to about seven or eight cycles a second. This is called the alpha state and it's perfect for concentration and receiving information.

Now it seems that the peak-learning state is the alpha state. So ideally you want to be quiet, relaxed and somewhere without distractions. This will slow your brain waves down to alpha where we can receive information and memorize pitches.

Lesson 2: Prepare your mind

The first step is to close your eyes and breathe deeply. When you breathe in, hold your breath as long as you can. Right before you begin to feel uncomfortable, release your breath and push it all the way out. Do this for a few minutes.

Next, consciously relax every part of your body from your head down to your toes. Release all tension and repeat the word "relax" quietly in your mind. It may help to imagine a peaceful setting like the beach or a garden. It may also help to visualize walking down stairs or being in an elevator and going down. Any image of descending, such as falling through space (as long as it doesn't scare you!), will help you relax to the desired level.

At this point, we can do two things. First, we can suggest positive beliefs to our subconscious mind regarding the learning of absolute pitch. Say things like, "I memorize tones easily and effortlessly" or "I listen deeply and recall thoroughly" You can make up your own but remember to make them positive and keep them in the present tense.

The second thing we can do is to play single long tones on our instrument. Do this in a relaxed manner and don't get excited or analyze too much. Try to remain in trance throughout this process. Play any note and just listen. Let the notes come to you. Listen effortlessly with a very relaxed attention. Do this without a goal in mind. Do this for the benefit of making friends with each and every note. Soon, the notes will be your best friends!
Do this mind preparation a couple times each day for the next few days. Not only will this exercise enhance your hearing, it will benefit your health! You'll find that your focus and clarity of mind will increase and you may even get absolute pitch! How about that?

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©2003 Graham English, Used by permission

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