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Reading Horizontal Bass Guitar Scale Charts

You have already seen one way that a scale may be written, in tablature form. Other ways that you will see scales written is the format of a picture that will represents all of the notes that are in the scale. You would play he scale starting on the lowest sounding note, work your way to the highest, and then come back down to the lowest note.

This scale chart is written from the same perspective as tablature. Meaning that the 4th string is the bottom line, and the 1st string is the top line. horizontal scale chart

Major scale ascending

Major scale descending

On the Internet you may also see a scale chart written using just plain text. The numbers in this case indicate the fingers that you should use.

|-1-|---|-3-|---| -1st string
|-1-|---|---|-4-| -4th string
5th fret

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