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Note name on the neck of the bass

Even though this chart of notes was a pain to make. Don't use it! Move on down the page and learn how to figure out the names of the notes yourself. This chart is just a reference.

The first thing you should do is learn the names of the notes on the 4th and 3rd strings. The notes on these string be will be your anchor in learning to play the bass. That is not to say that the 1st and 2nd string are not important.

The first step is to memorize the following words of wisdom.

All natural notes (A B C D E F G) are a whole step (2 frets) apart, except between E-F and B-C which are a half step (1 fret) apart.

*Although it may seem stupid, make sure you know the 1st 7 letters in the alphabet forwards and backwards. Most people have a little trouble with the backwards part. Once you reach G in the musical alphabet, you start over again with A. (no H's in this universe)

With this information you can find any note on the neck of the guitar, as long as you know the names of the open strings.( 4th=E, 3rd=A, 2nd=D, 1st=G)

Remember that the 1st string is the thinnest.....highest sounding string, and the 4th is the thickest.....lowest sounding..

Names of the notes on the 4th and 3rd strings

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