Creating Bass Lines

Bass Line Creation CartoonIn these online bass lesson you will learn how to create bass lines. Creating bass guitar lines over different chords, and out of different scales will be a big part of what you do as a bass player. Bass line creation is an essential skill. Legacy Creating Bass Lines Lessons

The Bass Lessons on are in the process of being updated. Below are some bass lessons from the old website that have not made it to the new one yet.

The root - It all begins with a single note, the root of a chord. When learning to create bass lines, your journey must start here.

Chromatic approaches - Here is an easy way to add some spice to those root bound bass parts.

Root - 5th bass lines - If the root is the most common note used to create a bass line, then the 5th of the chord might be considered the next most common. Add this very fundamental tool to your bass line creation toolbox.

The 1 b7 6 5 Bass Line Pattern: Part 1 - Learn a very common bass line that is used in rock and blues music in this video bass lesson by Ed Mikesell. Bass tablature and jam track included.

Bass Line Development - Bassist George Urbaszek gives some ideas on how to develop a bass line.