Bass Scales

Bass Scales CartoonBass guitar scales are important for developing your technique and your ears. Electric bass scales are also very important for creating bass lines. These online bass lessons include as ton of bass scale charts to help you learn the neck of the bass easily. Legacy Bass Scale Lessons

The Online Bass Lessons at are in the process of being updated. Below are some bass lessons from the old website that have not made it to the new one yet.

Scale primer - Learn the basics of how to read scales charts for bass.

Basic scales - These are 5 basic scale shapes that every bass player should know.

Major scale forms - Here are 5 basic major scale forms that will let you cover the entire neck of the bass.

Minor Pentatonic Scales For Bass - In this bass lesson you will learn 5 positions of the minor pentatonic scale. You will also learn 2 common extended forms that connect these 5 scale shapes on the neck of the electric bass.

Blues scale forms - Learn all 5 positions of the blues scale, and the common extended forms. The basic theory behind a blues scale is also explained in this lesson.

Chromatic Scales - A chromatic scale contains all 12 possible pitches before arriving back at the starting note name an octave higher. This lesson covers the basic ways to play chromatic scales on the bass.