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Learn how to play the bass guitar. Learn bass easily with these online bass lessons that use video, audio, and tablature. Our free bass lessons, and bass courses will help you learn to play bass.

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Building Bass Lines to the 9th Power
Learn how to create some bass line patterns that involve the interval of a 9th
Harmonics Give Bass Players ‘Hidden’ Notes
Bassist Roy Vogt shows you how to get some interesting sounds by using bass harmonics.
Rock Bass Riff to Build Picking Chops
Learn how to improve your bass picking technique by playing this 16th note rock riff.
Funky Bass Groove in E Mixolydian
Learn a fun funky bass groove out of an E Mixolydian mode with syncopated 16th notes, double stops and some percussive hits.

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Teach Me Bass Guitar Review reviews the popular Bass DVD Course "Teach Me Bass Guitar".

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